The WARATAH UGG brand has a rich history of innovation and development of sheepskin products as this range was created by customer requests, and the need to supply the industry with a new classic, fresh Australian owned range. In an effort to protect the true nature of an UGG boot in the Australian market Waratah Ugg prides itself on maintaining a classically true style of UGG products tailored with an easy fit function. A subtle and unique style has developed this brand as a favourite in the market place very quickly known as the “classic style, easy fit” range propelled by our ever-popular zip up boots and the much loved Waratah UGG Waterproof Rainboots.
We strive to maintain a balance between the true essence of UGG wear and its popular resurgence into the public domain as we continually design and pioneer the development of top-quality sheepskin footwear for our customers. The Waratah UGG is designed for outdoor performance as well as comfort within the home, created using Australian Merino Sheepskin and suede materials. Please note the Waratah Ugg range incorporating water resistant suede and zipper functionality with added rainboots in the collection are manufactured in China, although we are an Australian owned Company. If you are looking to specifically purchase an "Australian Made" product please refer to our Bondi UGG sheepskin boots and slippers which are manufactured in Australia as well as our Waratah UGG Scuffs that you can recognise as Australian Made with the Green Australia Made triangle symbol on the product images. Please note all Australian Made products are made with double face sheepskin.
Not only was the Waratah brand born in Sydney so was the owner. With a life-long love of this magical country and the amazing unique flora and fauna of Australia, there could be no alternative to creating a brand trademarked - Waratah Ugg. The Australian red Waratah flower is the symbol for New South Wales and this being where we live we have chosen the white Waratah as symbol for the brand.
 BONDI UGG by Waratah 
We are proud to have the iconic BONDI UGG brand join our Waratah family in 2018. Having worked closely in business with the Bondi Ugg brand which was developed in Sydney and is manufactured in Melbourne, a rare opportunity developed to secure the original BONDI UGG and re-launch it afresh into the market place.
We maintain the authentic history of the Bondi Ugg brand as it will always be our completely Australian made sheepskin brand. We are still utilising production with the family who started the brand many years ago and are now second-generation Australian UGG manufacturers.
The Perfect Pair   - SURF & TURF
Australia is that country which enjoys the best of both worlds, vast green pastures and turquoise blue waters. This is what gives rise to the classic term of our much loved “surf and turf” The surf and turf is famous in Australia as it showcases the true essence of this country. 
Our UGG range felt complete as we combined our Waratah UGG, infused with the land’s heritage, and the Bondi UGG range as a representation of our love of the water and the sea - we are blessed to live on this amazing island we call home- Australia.